• Implements holistic approach to apply Quality Assurance in VET for ADHD learners. Aims at defining a Framework for Quality Assurance (including principles, indicators, tools and guidelines) both for iVET and cVET.¬†
  • Therefore, it applies a lifelong learning strategy in order to support education and training of ADHD learners at all ages;
  • Brings together relevant organizations with broad experience in Quality Assurance, iVET and cVET, teacher education, education and training of ADHD learners, business, HEIs and ICT;
  • Includes both iVET and VET providers which will facilitate dissemination and test the Framework by majority of providers in the participant countries and across Europe;
  • Includees also business representatives, teacher education institutions, ¬†organizations training ADHD learners which will guarantee the stakeholders' validation and recognition of the project key outputs and thus, will facilitate the mainstreaming and thereby sustainability.