Expected impact

The project team will strive to achieve the following effects:

  • The quality initiatives of the VET pro-grammes aligned with the European and national policies in the field of inclusive VET.
  • VET providers and local/regional/national authorities supported in understanding the essentials of the changes for aligning their QA approach with the inclusive ET policies.
  • Key stakeholders attracted to use the quali-ty exercise, aware in the influence and im-portance of the QA in VET for ADHD learn-ers.
  • Local and regional authorities assisted in selecting approriate practices for raising the role and more active participation of the stakeholders in VET quality initiatives.
  • More stakeholders confident and desire to change and improve VET-programs addressed to ADHD learners.
  • The future work of EQAVET - better focused on provider’s needs and environment concerning quality initiatives and quality assurance processes, with an inclusive approach.
  • Increased transparency of provided VET programs leading to wider implementation.